HaarlemHopper als verjaardagscadeau - Birthday present
Het Veerkwartier
HaarlemHopper goes green! De Veerplas
Mill Adriaan HaarlemHopper
Wolkers at Spaarne river
Teahouse citypark HaarlemHopper
Jopenchurch beer tasting with HaarlemHopper tours - weddings - photoshoot
50 Year wedding anniversary rent
We're here!
Family on tour
Eveningtour with 4 happy faces
Visit the city ...30grd .....Cheers!
The beautiful mill Adriaan
So cute!
Two lovely friends visiting Haarlem for one night.
Arno and Joke from Holland
Citytour Haarlem by night - HaarlemHopper
Short CityTour from Bavo Leidsevaart - Haarlemhopper
Mother and daughter on tour with Haarlemhopper
Mother and daughter-fun with Haarlemhopper!
Lovely couple on tour with Haarlemhopper
HaarlemHopper a surprise for his mom!
A fantastic HaarlemHopper citytour!
Your guide Marielle Citywalk Haarlem
Your guide Marielle Citywalk HaarlemHopper
Fun with a famous draftsman and his wife from Haarlem
Citywalk HaarlemHopper "With a local on the Haarlem pointbridge"
Bachelor party TUXi-tour
Bachelor party TUXi-tour The Great Market Haarlem
Citywalk HaarlemHopper
Citywalk HaarlemHopper
Citywalk HaarlemHopper
Guide Mariƫlle Citywalk HaarlemHopper
Spaarne river Citywalk HaarlemHopper
Citywalk HaarlemHopper Mill Adriaan
Funny streetArt Citywalk HaarlemHopper
Weddingparty at the beach
Real locals on tour
Real locals on tour
HaarlemHopper at ZanDiego BEACH IJmuiden
HaarlemHopper at ZanDiego BEACH IJmuiden
A lovely family in the HaarlemHopper E-tuktuk
Nieuwe Gracht Haarlem city tour - HaarlemHopper
HaarlemHopper city tour - Burgwal
HaarlemTour with lovely people from London
Citywalk and E-Tuktuk through Haarlemcity - HaarlemHopper
A TukTuk Ride To JOPENCHURCH - HaarlemHopper
Mill Adriaan - Greetings from Haarlem
City walk with Team-PWN
Christmas and beer tour and....Mr. M.Woed with friends
Visit a special house at monumentday in Haarlem
Beatiful couple in Haarlem - Monumentday 2019
House Barnaart - Canalhouse
A citytour with a lovely lunch at Spaarne 66
HaarlemHopper Citytour as a present!
Greetings from Ermelo
The best Thai restaurant in Haarlem - Zap Thai by J&C
Citywalk with HaarlemHopper - Frans Hals museum
Smile at HaarlemHopper - Mill Adriaan
Citywalk with team PWN
Christmas in Haarlem 2019
Funny people from Delft Mr. Woed - HaarlemHopper
Two lovely ladies on tour - HaarlemHopper
Canal in Haarlem. Celebrate!
Smile - Mill Adriaan  - HaralemHopper tour
Jopen beer tasting - Jopenchurch
The Bavo church -Grote markt -City center
Cheers! A tuktuk ride to Jopen tasting flight!
Birthday tour - Haarlem
Family tour -Mill Adriaan Haarlem - Coronaproof!
Surprise for a friend! - Haarlem Citytour E- tuktuk
HaarlemHopper tour with Jopen beer tasting - Jopenchurch
Surprise tour Daddy day - Haarlem