Life is just a great adventure! There is so much fun out there!

My name is Mariëlle. I am born and raised in Haarlem, more specifically in “ the Burgwal” neighbourhood.

As a little girl, the streets were my playing field and I was always there to be found together with my friends. It is already at that time that seed of passion and love for Haarlem was planted and I know it will never disappear. It is out of this love and passion, from which I want to share with others THE HAARLEM CITY FEELING and HER HISTORY in a pleasant and convenient way. And so, the idea to guide city tours was born a few years ago.


"Nowadays, I am being called a true local!"

As I wanted to distinguish myself from the already existing boat-and walking tours, I have been searching for an original, safe and responsible way of transport. When the electric TukTuk crossed my path, I knew this is what I had been looking for:  HaarlemHopper came into existence.

"Celebrations will be even more fun in case you can surprise people"


The electric TukTuk of HaarlemHopper can also be rented for weddings, a special marriage proposal, birthdays, photo shoots, company openings or as "tuxi" for a special ride.


Many things can make our daily life seriously. Therefore my motto is: Make today a party day!
To give others a smile on the face is what makes me the happiest. This smile appears the moment TukTuk comes around the corner. Imagine it is you who is in it!